Setting up your outgoing mail - SMTP

Great, so getting email is all good - now what about sending email.  My Wireless/DSL/whatever connection already has an outgoing mail (SMTP) service why should I change it?

The problem exists when you try and send mail using somebody else's connection.  While it is not difficalt to fing your ISP;s SMTP details - its a hassle always having to switch between them.  Rather use your own SMTP server.

To setup your SMTP server (securely) please use the following settings:

SMTP Server:
Server requires authentication select yes.
Type of encryption select: SSL
Authentication type select: PLAIN
Username: your cpanel username
Password: your cpanel password.

Some common mishaps:
- Be careful when you copy and paste your password.  Some programs such as excel carry additional information (Format, Formulae, etc.) in the copy and once pasted the server may see this as an incorrect password.
- Using your connection providers SMTP can create problems for portability.  For example assume you use your Telkom connection's SMTP on your cellphone's email client.  Now when you try to send an email and you are connected to a restaurants WiFi you will receive an error.
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