OpenCart data updates

There are a number of ways to update your opencart information here are 3 angles to approach it from:

Method One - Easy Peasey
Click on/check the weBnerd data management solution in the addons.
This will mean that we will manage the data updates and data links for you - all you do is maintain a single spreadsheet.
Our nerds will do the following:
1. Ensure that all appropriate content relates to the respective products.
2. Monthly price updates.
3. Monthly stock control updates.
4. Product reviews scanning and management.

Method Two - Purchase a spreadsheet data uploader
Note: You should always use the same downloaded spreadsheet (This will protect your image links).  Make all the changes and updates to the information and then upload the spreadsheet again.

A step by step guide for this would be:
1. Login at the admin or back office.
2. Click on 'catalog' then 'products'
3. Click on the tab Export/Import
4. Choose Products / Storename and Language
5. Now click on 'Export Now' (you should see a progress bar indicating a successful download)
6. You would now have downloaded multiple excel files. (Depending on your settings)
7. Edit the excel document updating the prices
    - Use a formulae to update multiple prices by percent
    - Use a suitable lookup command updating your pricelist from data supplied on your suppliers spreadsheet.
9. using a suitable compressor package, zip up all the spreadsheets.
8. Now click on import data and select the newly created zip archive.
.. You're done.

Method Three - Direct database queries
If you wish to simply increase all prices by a percentage or wish to update selected prices by category for example, you can use this guide:

1. From cpanel, launch phpmyadmin and select the database that your store currently uses.
2 . Go to the sql tab and run the query that applies to you.

- If you want to raise all your prices by a percentage (Example: 22.5%), run the query:
update bb_product set price = round(price*1.225,2)

- If you want to drop all your prices by a percentage (Example: 15%), run the query:
update bb_product set price = round(price/1.15,2)

Should you require assistance with this please let one of our geeks know.
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