Transfer domain from ENOM

To transfer your domain from ENOM to Webnerd.

If you purchased the domain from a third party who then in turn purchased it from enom you will need to contact them to request the EPP transfer code.  If they are unsure on how to do this they can contact us for assistance.

If you purchased the domain directly from enom you need to do the following:

Login to your ENOM account (button)
- Click on the domain you wish to transfer (link)
- Click on "General Settings" (tab).
if locked
- Click on disable Registrar Lock (link).
- Click on "Email Auth Info to Registrant." (link)

Allow for a few minutes anf the transfer code will be emailed to the registrant.  To find out who that is type whois plus (YOUR DOMAIN) in any good search engine.

You can then either forward that to us or login to your client area click on transfer a domain and use it there.

Another solution would be to edit the name servers to point to the webnerd servers.
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